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Remove Background Up to 100 images in short time

Hi, my name isi Andy I will provide High-Quality background removal, in 3 hours (up to 100 images based on the package that you choose). Please contact me first before you place an order

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This isn’t a request for feedback on improving your gig, this is spamming the forum with your service (which will likely get removed as spam shortly).

You do realise that 99+% of the users of this forum are sellers, right? There aren’t any magic buyer fairies that frequent the forum waiting for you to tell them how awesome you are.


Jane is right about that.

Self-confidence is one thing, overweening self confidence leads to a sticky end. Ask Macbeth.

Besides, please cheque your Smelling and Engerlush trypering as it is scrubby indeed, which along with overweening self-confidence is likely to lead to a lessining of customerificationism.



Only sellers using this forum and you are spamming with your service. Just have some life and use this time in improving the gig. I think fiverr should report these kind of people

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@blackshah You can report the post yourself, which will lead to the post being removed and the user warned.

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Thank`s for the advice

Let me see if I have this right.

You’ll cut the backgrounds out of 30 photos I send you within a day and it’ll cost me just $5?

Oh, and you will offer me 100% customer satisfaction on top of that?

Sorry, Andy.

This sounds scammy to me and it will to other Buyers as well.

How to fix that:

Charge $10 or more as $5 Gigs are usually poor quality or have that poor quality smell to them, if you know what I mean.

Secondly, delete the 100% Customer Satisfaction BS.

I’m a tough customer and you will never be able to satisfy me which means your Gig promise would be a lie to me.

That would probably cause me to leave you a bad review.

Finally, extend your delivery time.

You just need to say 2 or 3 days.

That way, it doesn’t sound like a rush job to me.

Even if it really only takes you 20-minutes to do the job, I’m going to question the quality.

So, to prevent me from doing that, add an extra day or two to your delivery date.

Does this make sense to you?

I hope this helps.

Good luck.


Okey dokeey sir :+1:

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