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Remove bad review from my profile

My client gave me a bad review,
and then he said sorry and realized he made a mistake I contacted Fiverr support
will they remove this rating based on the proof?
My acc rating was 4.9 now its 4.7:frowning:
Thanks for reading this:)

unfortunately it might end up with a warning … discussing about reviews with your clients is not allowed


It really sucks, but I’m afraid CS won’t do anything. And don’t talk to the buyer about it because you can get a warning…

yes cs cannot do anything

wow I just know that, I have been a buyer once on Fiverr and the seller asked me by message to leave a 5 star review. is it violating?

That’s really not allowed. If Fiverr caught them (or you reported it) they would be in trouble. It’s considered review manipulation.