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Remove bad review

I had this client that ask me to write and sing a whole song.
I delivered on time, and put on the message “Hello! Here is your delivery tell me if this is the result you wanted” .
He told me nothing. Rated me with 3 stars and
1 month later I see a message that he made a “fraud chargeback” but furtunetly Fiverr got my back and refund me.

Is it fair that the bad review is still there even knowing that this client was a scammer? Should I talk with the Fiverr Team about this?

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A 3 star review, is not a negative one.

Nor is that buyer’s comment a negative one.

You don’t know if they were a scammer, or if there was an issue with their bank/card, etc.

If you got your money back, then great! Most sellers don’t even get that.

Customer support won’t remove reviews.

They stopped doing that months ago.


Thanks for your reply!

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3-star reviews are ok. I think you don’t have to contact Fiverr support cause everything is sorted it out. The same thing happens to me a few years back. The customer gets a refund after complete the order (with 5-star review and recommendation). I submit support tickets and explain the situation. they refund the money, but they don’t remove the feedback.


Yep. Most sellers don’t get a refund. So, you lucky.

Ratings can not change. And 3.0 ratings :roll_eyes: It depends on your overall ratings. Because if you have 4+ ratings for other works. I think it will OK. Don’t worry about that. And keep go ahead with your works. :smiley:

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