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Remove buyer request to prevent return to lower level

I have just been upgraded to level two. Last time, I returned to a low level because I didn’t respond to many requests.
Many of the requests I see in the Buyer Requests section are not related to my activity. Can I prevent from returning to the lower level if I remove them?


Replying (or not) to buyer requests in the buyer requests section has nothing to do with your stats, so there’s no point removing buyer requests in the BR section for that reason alone (to prevent level drops). The only point in removing them is if you are quite sure you won’t want to send an offer to them, so it can tidy up the requests page (so it shows ones you may be interested in sending an offer to).

The only thing that affects the response rate is whether you respond to the first messages sent to you from buyers within 24 hours. It’s only in the inbox where it shows the clock/time counter. I’m not sure if responding to custom order requests sent to you in the inbox might also affect it (if there’s no other first message from the buyer). If it does that should also show the clock icon.


UK1000, Thank you very much for your reply. Of course I always try to respond quickly to all messages I receive, but sometimes I forget. Perhaps because of that my level had dropped.

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