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>> Remove Buyer Requests <<

One of the main reasons I loved Fiverr compared to it’s competitors like Elancer and Freelancer was the fact that you did not have to lie, beg and steal to get sales. Now with this requests there are 20-30 spam requests per request all fighting for $5… I personally think it makes all of the people on Fiverr seem very non-unique and expendable and really depreciates from the personal and professional aspect of Fiverr!

Any thoughts?

Well, with the thousands upon thousands of sellers on Fiverr, would you expect anything less than 20-30 replies to every buyer request? I do not understand why you think that means they are “fighting” for their $5.

And no matter what there are a ton of non-professional people selling here on CL. There are plenty of professionals too, but when you have a completely anonymous site that alone changes the parameters. Elance for example, most people use their real names, they have a real resume, Fiverr is a complete anonymous site, and it’s against terms to even connect personally, so you have to bear that in mind when considering the totality of the professionalism from everyone.