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Remove Buyers order image from portfolio?

I just finished a drawing for a Buyer and he is very happy with it and so am I, but he asked for the file to be transparent for his project. Because the transparent version of the drawing is shown in my portfolio, it looks really off and is not representative of the actual work. Is there a way to remove it? That Buyer ordered 8 more drawings from me…all transparent and I don’t want my gig to be filled with weird looking transparent drawings. :sweat_smile:


I’ve had this same issue but unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to remove individual pieces from your portfolio. You can turn of the live portfolio all together but if you have lots of other works that are representative of your business I would leave it :slight_smile: it shouldn’t hurt your analytics at all

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You can request Customer Support to remove it and provide a reason.

They may accept your reason and remove it.

This article may be helpful to you:

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No, I’m a new seller, I only did 2 orders so far and his is the only one that shows up in my live portfolio. For what I’ve read from the link lloydsolutions shared, if I deactivate it for now until those orders are finished and reactivate it after, those weird drawings should not appear in my live portfolio. Maybe I’ll do that. I’ll think about it, it’s a big order so it means I’ll have to deactivate it for quite some time. I’ll have to weight the pros and the cons, before doing that.

Edit: I spoke to fast, it seems like I can’t turn it off. It’s grayed out. I think it may be because I have active orders. Guess I’ll have to learn to live with those after all. :sweat_smile:

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When you deliver files you deliver to the client what he ordered and add extra file in PNG/jpg format that will be in your portfolio. For example I have client who ordered logo but doesn’t want his logo to be visible. So i just add another photo in delivery stating “custom logo” or something to make sure system doesn’t select one of the delivered files as sample.

You have control on what will be in your portfolio, you just have to use it.

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When you submit the work, make sure your preview stay what you want, as it will be added to the portfolio.

In your case, please contact the Customer Support to get assistance.