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Remove certain Items from your Live portfolio

Often I have customers own book covers that need formatting which I deliver and they show on my live portfolio, I don’t feel it right displaying other people’s work + I use custom delivery messages to stop the timer as I’m awaiting a reply from a buyer and I end up getting emails saying “your late in delivering” - The customer clicks order completed after I attach the files in a message and then I’m stuck with a horrible delivery message on my live portfolio.

This is a nice idea, but might end up causing offence to buyers who proudly want the work on display or may end up thinking you didn’t like the design and are somehow too ashamed to have it on show.

You could send the delivery in a message directly before you deliver, noting that the delivery is attached to that message, and create preview files for your submission box and upload those to the delivery box instead.

It’s what I do for my buyer protection, added watermarks and low resolution file uploads to the delivery, and send their delivery in a message just before that. But this is all only because I prefer to have new work appear in my folio rather than not.

Could you not ask buyers to select not to have the image appear? If they don’t personally want it to show they have the option. But, if you’d just plain prefer to eliminate the chance of someone else’s work showing up you could customize the preview file delivery as a mock-cover with a mock-title like “Formatting Service buy horizon zero” - I think that would be both cute and fun. Ha!