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Remove completed jobs from buyer request page

@fiverr, do you remove the projects, which have been already completed, from buyer request page?

I am not sure if you do that, because today while I was having a look at buyer request page I did see a project which I completed yesterday and the inquiry was still there on request page.

Please remove the completed jobs, otherwise sellers may waste their time bidding on those projects and end up not earning anything from them. And hey, IF SELLER DON’T EARN, YOU WON’T GET YOUR 20%!! So better fix this. :wink:

I don’t think they remove it. It’s only the buyer who has control if they want to remove the request or not. :slight_smile:

It seems that only the seller are supposed to be facing all the problems on fiverr.

Although I would love to see this happen, I think part of the reason they don’t do this is because they only get so many new offers sent in each day, it would look rather like a ghost town, in my opinion. I mean, there would still be quite a lot of offers yes but fairly empty nontheless.

You’ve got a point here. But hey A ghost town is still better than a town filled with bodies of already dead people… If you know what I mean. :smiley:

Looks like they sort of implemented a variation of this where you can actually remove any jobs of which you aren’t interested in. At least it cuts down on clutter, so that’s some progress. Makes it so much easier to come back to later when I can clear out all the “buyer requests” that are actually sellers not understanding the section.