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Remove Delivery option!


Ive done this before, and i hope other people have as well, but when i have a lot of orders to fill, ill open them all up in tabs and start delivering, on more than one occasion ive delivered the wrong order to someone else. most of the time it doesnt really matter, but now ive come across the problem where ive had a modification request to something completely different than what ive already delivered, and i suspect this person is just trying to get more than what they paid for, i should be able to remove what ive already delivered, so in the off chance they havent saved those photos yet, then im not out for what i now need to change.

[and i mean, what if you deliver something completely wrong, theres no way to change that]



Not sure I get this.

I’ve never delivered the wrong files to someone and I don’t understand how opening up tabs serves any purpose. But if it works for you. :slight_smile:


Please clarify :slight_smile: