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Remove Feedback Removal by Cancellation


It needs to go. It is the single most stupidest idea ever as it is open to so much abuse.

  1. Customers ‘scam’ a seller. leave negative with the intention of the order being cancelled so they get a refund (never happened to me, but somebody told me it happens)

  2. Sellers have the negative feedback that is left for them removed and they get to keep a high rating gig. Nobody ever knows that they are poor at what they do. People order and order totting up their money when people do decide that they like them. There is one seller who (I stopped counting a while back!) has had over 100 negative feedbacks removed this way. It is just…wrong.

    so yeah. It needs to go.


I disagree.

If a customer "pulls a fast one"on you, as a seller, just contact support or leave your own feedback, so other people are aware of what is really going on. I have had people try this with me and support will put a stop to this if it is a clear attempt at scamming. I have also refused to cancel in some cases after requests from buyers and left my own feedback so other people know what they are really up to, this swings both ways.

If a seller starts cancelling left right and centre this is going to show up on their cancellation rate, which buyers can clearly see and will raise a flag, eventually it will affect their ratings as well, regardless of what level they are.

From a buyers perspective if it is really genuine feedback the buyer has the option to make their point and leave the feedback or get a refund. If it is genuine feedback and the buyer feels strongly about it they have the option to leave it there.

No one is forcing them to agree to the cancellation.

Some people though want to have their cake and eat it and want to leave negative feedback and get a refund. For sellers this is totally unfair and a case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t and I can tell you now if this option is removed you are going to have some buyers raging and leaving feedback so bad you will want to hide under the bed for a week.

If this option is removed the amount of tickets going to support are going to escalate out of control and they are going to be overwhelmed with tickets from buyers and sellers throwing handbags at each other, not they aren’t already, and this, in my opinion, is a useful feature that gives buyers and sellers the option to mediate without involving support.

markp said: If a customer "pulls a fast one"on you, as a seller, just contact support or leave your own feedback, so other people are aware of what is really going on.

I disagree there Mark sorry. I actually had an instance of a buyer leaving negative feedback. I left my feedback for him, and after 4 or 5 more positive reviews, my feedback for the negative man disappeared. What was that about I've no idea. That means none of the potential buyers had my side of the story. While it's been close to a year now since this happened, it still annoys the heck out of me. And, it's really not fair. When potential buyers go looking, and some do go looking for the negative marks, they won't be able to see any of the negative feedback I gave because they're gone... into the Fiverr Wasteland.
As for the issue at hand:

I am not keen on giving free work. Believe me, it's the bane of my existence as I rely heavily on Fiverr to pay my student loans, hospital bill and food in my house. However, if I feel a buyer is going to leave negative feedback, for no real good reason - extortion, unreal expectations or whatever, I do feel that a seller should have the right to cancel to avoid it. Buyers already have enough say around here without taking away this one thing sellers can do to "protect" themselves. IMHO! And, it does show up in the cancellation rate so potential buyers can use this to weigh into their decision.


@emeraldawnn what did support tell you when you asked them about this issue with the feedback? You did ask them right? I’ve seen feedback go into a black hole before and its been a technical issue.


To be honest, the only problem I have with the automatic removal is that bad sellers can get it removed so easily which means people continue to purchase from them. I see the points raised above. I know that removing this feature would be bad for some people. However, it would kick the sellers that are notoriously poor into line.

I also see no reason as to why people should get negative feedback if an order is cancelled and late. I mean, it is cancelled, surely there should be no negative feedback for that right? After all, if you cancel orders by any other means then you don’t get the negative. (there should also be a warning button that says you are leaving negative when you cancel as I say about 80% of people do not know it happens)


If a buyer is unhappy with a product delivered they should not be able to leave a negative review without talking to the seller first. Be considerate. I just delivered a flyer to a buyer who said, “this is horrible” and left a negative review instantly without even giving me a chance to modify it or do any changes. All my reviews have been wonderful and then a wicked person comes around and destroys my ratings. That is wrong. I attached the flyer I delivered.


Reply to @markp: I honestly do not remember. It’s been close to a year and I’ve slept since then. I know that I sent them a message; I just don’t remember what was said about it other than they’d look into it. And, I never heard back. After a few more positives since then, it’s so far down the list, I just do not care anymore. After all, 2 negatives out of 700+ positive feedback means I’m doing something right. You just can’t please everybody :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Fiverr should start favoring the sellers otherwise they have no business. They need to update their business model and take away the lower rating for cancellations that effect the sellers rating, when its not mutual. If its mutual, it shouldn’t effect the sellers rating. If fiverr would change the rating system, they would have a lot of happier sellers because it isn’t doing any of us any good. How about not using a rating system and taking that away period?

I had someone who left negative feedback, he didn’t communicate with me at all and when i contacted CS to have it taken off, they said its all on the buyer to tell them that. Is that not pitiful? I told them to cancel the refund I realized either way I’m shot.

There are so many bugs in fiverr’s business model, now there grossing 4 mil and been around for 3 or 4 years, it’s time they updated it to not give the buyer so much power, make the rating system disappear.

One last option, I could always delete the account.


If feedback has been left incorrectly and you show signs of actually trying to work it out with the buyer but getting no response and the buyer can’t justify the reason for the feedback then it will get removed 100% of the time. It may take you a while but you can always ditch it.

I am talking about people who cancel orders on legitimate negative feedback in order to make their gig not look so bad.