Remove Fiverr Commission From Buyer Tip


I strongly oppose to get 20% commission from Buyer Tip. I oppose because it is a bonus from Buyer. So, Fiverr should not get commission. As usual we know that Fiverr Commission is so high rather than other marketplaces.

In this sense, I protest against Fiverr Commission Policy and I request not to earn any commission from buyer tips. I request to add full bonus amount in account.


Fiverr owns the site. It gets 20% of everything earned on the site. This site costs a lot of money to run and has hundreds of employees on it’s payroll. You would get no tips at all without fiverr.


I can’t see this happening as buyers could use that to tell buyers to pay them at least half the money in the form of tips so they don’t lose 20%…


@ramimhassan, you will not complain about 20% commission on anything once you have had to bid on every job you want. On some sites you compete against hundreds, if not thousands of competitors for a job, and sometimes you even have to pay for the application, and then when you do get the job, you have to pay again to withdraw your money.

The fact that on Fiverr the work comes to you (if your marketing is working), is worth every percentage point of the commission Fiverr takes.


Doesn’t bother me in the slightest as long as the AUD keeps taking a nose dive, I actually earn more than the $5, even after they take their cut, I get about $5.20 for each gig, as of writing this, gotta love that exchange rate, LOL. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe if you had a site like fiverr one day, you could make sure not to keep a commission on the tips. :slight_smile:


When Buyer Tip service was newly introduce this service. I protest against Fiverr Commission. Also I made post in community.


I agree. Fiverr can keep a commission on regular sales, but tips should to to the seller - in full!