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Remove funding source

I recently tried to attach my payoneer with fiverr for fiverr revenue card. My payoneer account got blocked because I mistakenly entered my mother’s id card number for verification.
How can I attach a new payoneer with fiverr? I am extremely worried because I can’t withdraw money.
Please help me.
I have already contacted fiverr and payoneer customer supports(21 hours ago).
I don’t have an access to payoneer’s live chat because my account is blocked. Only message option is available which I have used so far.
I am worried. Will there be a problem to my fiverr account because of this situation?


You will need to wait for the reply from Payoneer and Fiverr.

Meanwhile, if you type “payoneer account blocked” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which you may find helpful.

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I was face the same problem.

At last fiverr CC solve My same problem and remove my old payoneer account which was blocked.

Just wait I think fiverr will help you don’t worry.

Stay save stay home .

Happy freelancing

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Ok Bro.
Thankyou for your reply
Its been a day but still no reply from fiverr customer support. I hope they reply me soon

Fiverr didn’t reply me. Its been 2 days.
What if I try to attach my mother’s payoneer with bank transfer option?
Will there be a problem to my fiverr account in this case?

Sorry for late.

sometime Fiverr cc too late. But reply you don’t worry

Fiverr CS replies with in 10 days usually now a days, they will resolve your problem.
If you are under 18, you can go for a bank transfer with your mothers id having her Id and her name in the account, once the application is approved , you can withdraw. Note that your mother Payoneer account should only be attached to 1 Fiverr account only.