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Remove gig and create

Hello my name is Sharuf Mirza. I work since 2021 February but I haven’t received any order or client massage. that’s why I want to remove this gig and want to create a new gig with the same 3 images I used in my removed gig.
That’s my gig I just want to create same my business card gig with the same images but new keywords and descriptions.
Is there any problem?


i am also faced this type of question? i open new gig with old image but new keyword and description. is therey any problem??? @fiverr-social

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you already create new gig with old gig images ?

So you want to exchange business cards for massages from clients? Ok, whatever floats you boat.

If you didn’t mean that, you might just want to read what you write before you make a Gig full of embarrassing errors :wink:

I see no sense in deleting your Gig and starting a new one. Esp if it is essentially the same Gig (even tho technically you can). Work on improving the gig you have. Maybe it is odd wording? Maybe those images are not helping you?

I know I would not buy form someone who has spelling errors and leads with images that don’t look like unique work (they look like templates - that worry me that this is not real work - as does the pricing).

Besides it is one month. If you are ready to bail already at one month, you have no patience and probably have listened to very unwise advice that being here will make money flow like, um, oh I don’t know some sort of money flowing thing.



If you want to create a new gig, don’t use your previous image and other details. if you use it you aren’t getting any job. :+1:so new gig try to get everything new.


I would encourage you not to do this. While it is technically possible to create three similar gigs, it is against Fiverr’s Terms of Service to do so. Each gig must offer a distinct service compared to your other gigs. If Fiverr notice (or someone reports) that your gigs are nearly the same then they will be deleted and you will receive an account warning. In other words you will be far worse off than you are now.

Just bear in mind that there are nearly 30,000 other sellers offering business card design gigs on Fiverr. You are trying to sell a service in a highly competitive field. Do you really think there are 30,000 people desperately wanting to order a business card design? I would say not.


I just want to create same my business card gig with the same images but new keywords and descriptions.

You can just edit your existing gig.

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That’s one ruined coffee. I spilled my drink while reading your first paragraph and trying to survive through laughter. <3

But yes. To reply on Sharuf’s message: Technically speaking, if you want to use same three images for a new gig - it’s possible but situational.
It works if:

  1. Your new service is different.
  2. Your images fit/complete the purpose of your new service.

Then it makes sense, especially if you own your images. For example, I could remove my gig about drawing anime characters, create a new one that will focus only on drawing anime-stylized portraits, use same images I did before but leave heads for demonstration. I’d say that will work then.

So be careful with your schemes!


Thanks for you comment. Can you help me how can i develop this gig

Thank you its really helpful

Thanks your information is helpful

I can edit but i can’t change my keywords

Thank you @tenebres_telrei

YOU need to develop your Gig.

This may be part of the problem when it comes to you being a freelancer. Being a freelancer means you are a self-starter - you don’t need hand holding or someone else to do your work for you. Asking @benedictrm to “help you develop your Gig” is basically asking him to design it and correct the grammar and typos you have.

The images in your Gig are not interesting in the least. As mentioned already, they just look like some stock image you picked up on a free image site. If you are really an “expert” at logo making, I would think you would have some of your own designs to show in your Gig images.

You are in a category overrun with self-appointed “experts” in logo design - when, in reality, I would bet less than 2% of them actually create anything original - they just throw together clip art and call it a logo.

This is why you are not getting orders. And, to just remake your Gigs the same as they are now - why do you think this is the formula to get orders? You would have the same thing up.



Thanks for your information