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Remove link from fiverr [Warning and You will be out]

If you are using the ■■■■■■ link in your service. Please remove it . You will get warning for using such link even ■■■■■■ link is redirect to fiverr services also. My ■■■■■■ link is redirect to fiverr services only.

My all gigs have been out from fiverr search. I don’t want you will also suffer. Please remove any type of external link if you have.

Thanks for the heads up, was thinking of doing something similar where I would have the link redirect to my portfolio. But I won’t be doing that now I guess

That’s odd. The gig description limit is soo short and especially without any room for a FAQ, it seems like external pages are mandatory to cover all aspects and questions buyers might have.

Did they tell you where to give all that information? Or is it just a shortened link that is not allowed, but a full long URL is?

They did not even check it and give the warning. I have to remove it. And my sales get down, i am getting only answer. Your gig is not on editorial focus.

I have even asked them , in web traffic. What kind of services can i sell but no response yet.

Please remove if you have any external links.

Remove the any type of external link until it is not clear from fiverr support

Hey #singlelogo - my gigs doesn’t have any external links and no warnings from fiverr team, and still my gigs disappeared suddenly from search results yesterday. Idk why?

You can only use links from the approved list:

On top of that, shortened links are always suspicious, because scammers use them (almost every time when you read on the forum that someone’s account was hacked, it was after that person clicked on a shortened link). Unfortunately, that also means that people who use shortened links for legitimate purposes will also look suspicious.

If you need to add more information to your gig description, you can use the links from the approved list (just make certain that the information there directs to Fiverr only), and/or upload up to 2 PDFs to every gig.

■■■■■■ stats are publicly and can be seen publicly without redirect.

If some body have to contact outside the fiverr. Blogspot,yt,thublr,flickr are the best way. Fiverr editor just killing innocent sellers.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam [Former President of India] said-
“Love your job but NEVER fall in love with your company”

The worst thing in fiverr is ,one seller always try to seu other sellers. You need to contact support for best response.

There support/editor do not have sufficient technical knowledge. Please talk politely and be patient.

If I’m not mistaken, you can upload .pdf files to your gig gallery.