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Remove image from fiver Porfolio!


Hi All :slight_smile:
I am facing little issue with fiverr Portfolio.
One of my client asked me to remove his work image from my portfolio because he wants it to be close project for some time…
But I didnt know so I deliver one image along with order to add to my fiverr work…
but I want to remove that just to make my client happy…
How can I do that?
Thank you :slight_smile:


As a seller you can’t.

You can ask CS if they’ll help, but I think it needs to come from the buyer’s side. Perhaps if they message CS they’ll be able to help? :sunny:


This happened with me once as well, even though the client could have removed it himself at the order completion stage.

Anyhow ask the client to write to fiverr CS and they will remove it from your profile.


what if I write to CS? I dont wanna bother client for my fault!


I think I did try writing to fiverr and they said that the client will have to write.


It’s not your fault! :slightly_smiling_face:

The buyer had to tick a box to say they gave permission to include their work in your portfolio. They’ve subsequently changed their mind, so they need to ask CS to remove it on their behalf.

Good luck!


Occasionally, I get requests from clients not to put their project as one of my portfolios and I have to sign an NDA.

The best way to go about it is either deliver as a zip file or a link. This way, there is no way they can make the mistake and you will be covered

Right now, you might have to contact CS. That is your best bet.


I always want my good work to add to my portfolio so I dont have to always send portfolio new coming client, So I add separate image with order :smiley: but some time clients want not to show


Totally agree with that.