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Remove my payoneer account from Fiverr direct bank transfer and add new one


I made a transaction using fiverr bank direct transfer option… I think i have given wrong bank details. Now I cant even press that direct transfer button from 2 n half weeks. I just want to remove that payoneer account from fiverr and want to add new one. Now I have used friends paypal account to withdraw money because paypal is not allowed in srilanka.

Please help me Prosssss :slight_smile:


You need to contact payoneer support and ask them to remove your fiverr funding source from payoneer and it s automatically removed from fiverr and then you can link a new one to your fiverr account ^^

Good luck

Thanx Alot!!!

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I am facing the same problem please help me with this problem this is my fiverr account
thank you

fiverr can’t do anything because it’s payoneer issue so contact with payonneer support they will fix the problem
Thanks :slight_smile:

any one plz send me payoneer support link or email thanks