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Remove Negative Feedback

I have a Gig Title “Pop Art”. A buyer give me a order and I complete in 3 days but she give negative feedback. I want to remove this feedback because I did his work. Give me suggestion??

You might have worked on the gig, but clearly the buyer was not happy

with the results and he/she is being clear why. From what I can read from the

feedback, it’s not something like differences in taste and style.

it might be hard to get it removed I’m afraid…

Hard to recommend ways to remove this feedback when it sounds as if there was a good reason for it.

any solutions?

Reply to @ahmadch123: negative feedbacks could be eventually removed if they are clearly not justified (eg personal taste or after a blackmail attempt).

In this case your two negative feedbacks have nothing bad: you delivered the orders and your buyers were completely unhappy about your job; so there’s no reason for Customer Support to remove these feedbacks.

The only way you can try to walk is working with your buyers trying to fix situation even if, I want to be honest, I think there’s no room for any solution…

very difficult to remove negative feedback, if buyer send negative reviews with proper reason customer support never deleted your negative reviews, so you need to discuss with buyer and offering some free services for buyer Or, Mutual cancellation of this order.