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Remove Negative Review from Live Portfolio

Hello There,

I’m going to describe here How can you remove your Negative review from your Live portfolio. Some time You can get negative review from your buyer. But If you think your service was great but unfortunately your buyer leave you negative review. You can complain to fiver customer support for this issue.

Fiverr will review your complain and will contact with your buyer for refund. After that your review will be remove from your portfolio. That’s all.

Best of luck and earn lot of money from fiverr in professional way. Try to give best service to your client.


You wrong…CS not discuss with buyer. we have to get permission from buyer to remove the feedback. If buyer not agree you will never remove the feedback. (By Experience) :slight_smile:

The only thing you can do is refund that order, and hope the buyer accepts. If he doesn’t, just keep getting positive reviews, that’s what matters anyway.

CS removed the review after I showed them screenshots of the conversation and he just wrote a worse review. I refuse to refund it on principle because he was trying to extort more work from. I’ll take the bad review because he doesn’t deserve the work and the money.

Review can be removed only once buyer give its consent. CS will not offer refund, we have to do this.