Remove negative review


Hello! I am new on fiverr . Recently i have completed my work . I made an image for buyer but he did not like it then i have another drawing for him , and he said remove background and boundary line then i did as he mentioned he said i liked your image or work sometimes later , he said convert it into hd , then i tried but image was not converting into hd so i said to buyer that image is not converting it into hd and he said send me the first one and said waste of money and time and left worst rate which is 1.5 star . Now what i do ???


You can ask your buyer if they’d like to change their review using the resolution centre on the order page, but the downside is they might leave an even lower review.


If this doesn’t help, then try contacting Fiverr CS. There’s a separate option for Feedback Removal. Send them screenshots of the messages (Make sure they would help you out). You can also try editing the image as he wanted and then sending it to him with a watermark and then ask him to change the review.


I have sent message to him please change the rate and i said also sorry to him for not converting the image into hd


Friends , he messaged me with vulgar talks and abusing me then i also abused him and he said i will complain this to fiverr . I said i also have the screenshots that you started first not me. And he said goodbye to fiverr


Some people are just horrible human beings. Sorry to hear you have found one! Don’t think there’s anything that you can do, though. At most they’ll instruct you to block the buyer and will forward a report of his vulgarity. But the review would stay under any circumstance, even if the review is about a different thing, like the weather outdoors. Only exception is if the review has vulgarity in it, then it will be removed, but I believe the rating will still stay?

But you can always post a defense to any review you receive. In that defense you can tell your side of the story. If that makes more sense than the buyer’s review, other buyers will just ignore such reviews.


Hey friend… I also try to remove some bad reviews, but friend… those are cannot removed by us…


Hello! I have an order , the buyer wants illustration of 10 exercises then can i download the image from internet and by using a photoshop , converting the image in that way in which the buyer wants then it is a spam , i want to know


You should not do this if somebody else owns the copyright, which they more than likely do.

Nothing to do with spam, just not legal, or ethical or moral - you get the picture.