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Remove negative review?


Hi i have a question… I have 7 gigs If i got negative review on 1 gig and if i delete that gig will the negative review remove too? From the gig and from my profile and from all over star…?
Thanks will wait for the answer…



Since you will delete the gig, the negative review will not appear on the gig, since the gig will not be there. But the review will still stay on your profile and will be visible on it.


You’re doing great, I saw your #1 gig with 21 reviews and one negative. The negative review was written in German.

Your response to him was perfect.

My only question is why do you only have one gold package? What if I don’t need 7 intros? Maybe I just need one?


As you’ve been told, the review will still show on your profile, and will be calculated into your overall rating. On top of that, if you remove the gig with negative review, it will look like you’re hiding something.


Why would you want to remove a negative review? Personally for me, that’s an absolutely dishonest action. You got the negative, means you did something wrong. Nobody just leaves negative rep for nothing! Not even the worst critiques! And you’re trying to hide it and manipulate the system?..

Negative feedback helps people learn. When I was running my Restaurant, I gave a batch of special flyers to all the customers so they can trash-talk my employees. Then I’d go and punish my employees, or respectively — award them. It’s how the normal world works, man.


Thanks for sharing this.
Usually i am the person who get down when I got a negative review as I tried my best to chase for perfect performance.

But your sharing remind me to be what I am, the original me.
A negative review could help me learn to be more better.

Thanks, this mean a lot for me.


Sure thing! Even Trolls help us learn a lot.