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Remove skill test from account

Hi There Fellow Fiverr friends

Is there anyway i can remove a skill test from my account?

Thank you


Well i dont find anyway to remove the skill tests from the profile but you may contact Customer support.

and congrats for qualifying English test me too try couple of days before i failed :frowning:


If you want to hide/remove a particular test score from your profile, this is how you do it:

  1. Go to your profile page, and under the heading “Tests Taken,” you will see a list of tests that you have taken, and beside each test, you will see a small black arrow. Click on it.


  1. It will now open a small window. If you scroll down to the bottom of this window, you will find a toggle with a message beside it saying: “Show on profile.” Click on the toggle button to inactivate it.


  1. Now go back to your profile page. Under the heading “Skills,” find the particular name of the test that you want to remove. When you hover your mouse over the particular “skill name,” a small trash/garbage bin icon will show up. Click on that icon to delete that particular skill from your profile.


Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thank hanshuber16

Thank you for your reply in this regard.

I have submitted toe customer support.

Good luck to you


Most helpful @hanshuber16… Thanks a lot.

I am not sure why you contacted customer support. :thinking: I mean, I showed you how to do it, didn’t I? It’s very easy to do. :slight_smile:


I contacted customer support already before you contacted me.
I also tried your suggestion as well before i posted on the Forum, it didnt work.

Thank you again for your help
Much appreciated

It would have helped if you mentioned this bit in your original post so that other forum users don’t repeat suggestions that you’ve already tried.


I think there’s a bug though so it may be worth contacting support. I’ve contacted support about it.
eg. My profile when logged off shows test results that I’ve selected not to show (eg. ones with low scores).

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My apologies hanshuber16. I should have mentioned. Sorry to all the other users if i have caused some confusion.

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Thank you uk1000 for your input.

Best of luck shabirbhat

Thanks a million bro :)@hanshuber16

yeah, its effective!

very effective and essential information. thank you very @hanshuber16 to share with us

Ok guys so how do I take a test and what’s the benefit? I know I’ll do very well in the test and very confident of my skills

@techcapon This thread has all the info. you need on that:

@itmediaweb Wondering if you’ve heard back from CS on this skills test issue? I had the same thing happen to me (no matter what I do, I can’t hide the tests). CS said they put in a technical ticket, and, it’s been 11 days and counting. Just wondering if you got a solution…Thank you!!

If you ask Fiverr CS they have the ability to remove the fact that you did a particular test at all if you want them to do that.

@uk1000 That’s what they are trying to do (remove the unwanted skills tests). So far, they haven’t been able to hide or remove them.