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Remove the ability to add extras after a delivery is made

Hey guys, had a bit of a situation. I delivered a gig a few days ago, not yet auto completed however the buyer then managed to purchase a gig extra for that order AFTER it was delivered.

The gig was delivered in good time but since the order re activates when an extra is purchased the clock restarts which incidentally was AFTER the expected delivery time. I received an email saying that the order was LATE, despite the fact that the original order was delivered in good time.

A suggestion here would be to make the logic flow that a customer has to first reject a delivery before they may order extras this makes more sense to do that way as you are then given additional time to either redo the work or deal with the order via the mutual cancellations process.

Don’t know whether this is a bug or not but gave me a bit of a shock to see the LATE banner on one of my deliveries

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I agree…just another of the many Fiverr glitches, or uncaught problems.


I see NO REASON at all for buyers to be able to add extras on after the order is delivered.

After an order is delivered, that should be it… other than revisions and such, of course.

I subscribe to that!

Is nonsense that a buyer to order a gig extra even after initial gig order.

I think the seller should give consent to everything.

The seller have not any control at all. :frowning:

I usually order graphics on Fiverr, and would usually buy an extra after the gig is completed for other file formats, for extra revisions, or as a tip; so Fiverr should keep that feature.

I thought that was why extras have an option to add extra days I love when they order extras just means I have more time to complete the order. but maybe I misunderstood what you meant

Well maybe its kind of a BUG to me. But not sure.

It happened to me few times when i deliver a LOGO and they buy extra for source file. So i deliver again and project completed.

I never notice any late delivery in time, maybe because i always deliver before time and my GIG EXTRA has additional 1 day time also. So really not sure about this.

Reply to @matt_garry: Nope, the extra time is just because the extras sometimes take longer to make than the basic gig. Not because the buyer is ordering when you already finished, that makes no sense to me.

I am MAD about this.

This happened to me today for the first time. Someone ordered an extra when I had already delivered, and:

ONE - The clock did NOT restart!! what if he orders an extra at the last second of delivery time? I’m gonna be late and it’s not my fault!

and TWO - sometimes the extras are included in the gig, what means I have to repeat the WHOLE basic gig to add that extra, so I’m losing a fiver.

I still can’t understand how this is happening… What the…?

2 years since this topic started and this is still happening. :confused:

Mhmm. I came to this topic about for the same issue. it is not good

I think the buyer should buy gig extra while ordering not after the order is delivered…

the same problem as yours happened to me 2 days ago for the first time, i was planning on contacting the CS to correcr that, but since you are a super seller it’s better that you contact them.

And this still happen. lol