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Remove the fiverr watermark from Delivery section

Dear Fiverr,

Please kindly consider removing the Fiverr watermark from the DELIVERY section.

More often then not, when I deliver to my clients, they ask me to remove the Fiverr watermark from the delivered video.

I always have to explain to them that they have to download the video FIRST and watch it from their computer in order to view it free of this watermark.

It is OK that the watermark exists across our public fiverr portfolio, but I think this watermark should be removed from CLIENT’S end when they receive the delivery. It’s the watermark from the top right corner that the client sees.

Thank you very much for considering this


Hi, The watermark of FIVERR removed automatically once they accept the delivery, its for your protection so the buyer can’t download the logo and try to use without accepting the delivery.


No, it is not like that. The buyer can download the delivery at any time, before or after they confirm it. The download on client’s end, never comes with a fiverr watermark, regardless of the order stage.

The watermark on client’s end needs to be removed since it has no practical purpose, except that of always explaining to them that they have to download first.

I don’t think they can download it any time from the order page if the watermark feature is enabled. as long as it’s one of the file types Fiverr watermark (eg. jpeg, maybe png). It doesn’t watermark .psd files.

If you don’t want it at all on gig’s order page, just deselect the “enable watermark” feature for it.

I assume it always shows the watermark on things in the live gallery or reviews.

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If you prefer being exposed to people who will get the video and then ask for revisions to get multiple iterations, you are more than welcome to disable the feature from your gig.


What you could do is add a quick reply that you could use in the delivery box/order page for saying that they need to view it on their computer for it to show in full quality & without the Fiverr watermark. If they don’t view it on their computer it won’t be showing in full quality even if Fiverr removed the watermark from the preview so they might complain about that (the max they show it in is 720p I think and even that’s probably recompressed).