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Remove the fiverr watermark


I cannot remove the watermark… there’s no option to save gigs when I click on gigs then selling. I go to the gig I don’t want the watermark on and disable the setting for it, yet no mater what the watermark setting re-enables itself as soon as I navigate away from the page. Really kind of ruins the gig and is hurting me because I have a customer right now and the gig delivery time is going to expire and I wont be able to deliver what I promised and its my first customer so RIP my account on this site… Really wish there was actual support on Fiverr like a chat or something besides the forum this is really frustrating


The watermark disappears when your buyer accepts the delivery.

Seller help:


To disable your watermark please follow this Selling->Gig-> click on gig title-> then disable the watermark option.

That’s great!


okay I’ll wait and see they buyer already told me they couldnt remove it but maybe they didnt go all the way


typed out in my post that i did that already lol


Have they accepted the order and it’s been marked as complete?

Only then will they get the image or video without a watermark.

It’s designed so the watermark can’t be removed until it’s complete.

BTW - changing the watermark settings won’t affect a delivery you made before you changed the settings - hope that makes sense!


but do you know ? When client accept the order then fiverr logo automatically removed :slight_smile:


I delivered the order to them then they requested a revision, it says it will be marked as complete in three days. So if my client accepts the order then the watermark will be removed, yeah this all makes sense I get you. Thanks for the help