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Remove the new rating system

Fiverr recently introduced a stat rating system which is really not fair to seller…as an example imagine you get a POSITIVE rating with 4 stars? so even though you get a postie review your ratings will be decreased…its really bad ! I think fiverr is trying to get rid of higher number sellers…I dont know im just saying…its just really stupid, why does fiverr always think about the buyers??? ARE WE LEFT OUT BECAUSE WE OFFER SOMETHING FOR A CHEAP PRICE?

Got my first ever less than 100% review thanks to the star rating system even though I did nothing wrong.

Reply to @misscrystal: I’m so sorry, that really sucks. I sometimes peek in on the other sellers in my category and this one that had 100% forever and great reviews just received a lower star rating…so sad…

I fear the day when I get this too…The winter is coming…

its really bad…I got a 2 “4 star” ratings and it has counted as negatives !!! -_- :frowning: all the hard work is for nothing

Yes, getting now 4 stars sucks.

Reply to @accessgirl:

Ouch. I think I’ll flip out if this happens to me. Sometimes I get told to write articles after being given just a link. I spend 20 minutes trying to glean info from the site, 20 writing.

Inevitably I miss something out due to bad communication, but the buyer usually just accepts it and adds it in themselves. The day I do double the work and get a 3 star rating is the day my Fiverr soul dies for good!!

This is a bad thing :frowning: please remove it.

anyone can post a screen shot how the buyer rates it ?

I don’t know the process of posting a rate on new system, if anyone can help me , then I can encourage my customers to follow this steps and give me a 5 star rating lol.

I’m not seeing the new rating system anymore. I had one gig where somebody left me 5 stars, but then it went back to the Thumbs Up and Down system a few days later. Did Fiverr hear our cries and get rid of that new system?

Reply to @russflex: Nope, I was rated with stars a few hours ago. :frowning:

Reply to @alliemadison12: That’s weird because people are still leaving me thumbs up ratings even though the gig page shows 5.0 stars.

Reply to @russflex: It’s back and forth. It’s annoying because my best buyers who would leave 5 stars are giving me thumbs-up, and buyers from last year are rating me poorly with stars.

I’m getting both types of reviews. My last was a star rating but the one immediately before it was thumbs. So it appears the newer rating system is being incrementally introduced, and not all at once. Which just seems weird.