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This is really, really discouraging, especially for those of us who have worked really hard for our high ratings and especially because buyers will now be asked to rate on our response times!? Fiverr has to understand that buyers that expect their order to be priority but refuse to pay for it will use this system to down-rate us on “response time,” even though (presumably) response time should be a measure of how quickly we responded to their questions and whether or not the order was delivered within the prescribed time period, right?

I just feel like this is giving buyers even more power over sellers and we will have to work much harder to keep a “five star rating” than we will to keep a high thumbs up percentage. There’s a big difference between rating an experience with a seller good or bad, vs. rating an experience on a 1-5 scale.

ARG. I’m really frustrated with this system. I hoped it would run it’s beta test and be done away with, like the orange site color was, when there was an uproar against it. Like the OP said, some people will down-rate you even if the job was perfect, even if you fulfilled every parameter of your gig, just because! It’s much easier psychologically, I think, to give someone three stars than an thumbs down, when it does the same thing to our ratings.

I’m sure I’m not articulating any of this very well…because I am really frustrated. I don’t want to be one of “those” people, but I am really worried that one misunderstanding with a buyer could seriously detract from my business. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive. I think we need to get back to the plain old thumbs up or down and do away with this stupid star rating (ARS) system! Who agrees with me?

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Reply to @steveeyes: No thank you so much for sending that! I just posted this to there blog! This new rating system is really upsetting me!!!

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Reply to @emasonwrites: Yes I did I thought it was very well written and that everyone should read that!