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Remove the user balance on the site header


Is there any way to remove the logged user balance on the fiverr site header?
If there’s none, then it’s good to have that option where you can toggle it on and off.

Imagine if you’re selling and the people around you can see your unwithdrawn earnings.

— That’s why my fiverr is always on a different restored down window hiding its right side from the screen. One time, forgot to fully widen the restored down window revealing my earning. :crazy_face:
— On the old version of Chrome, I just use Ctrl+F to hide it.


If you’re using Fiverr in public, then you need to be careful, just as you would with banking websites etc.

Or just switch to a different tab to cover it up? I think users need to be responsible for how they use Fiverr, rather than Fiverr doing things for us which we can actually do ourselves.


I wouldn’t want some random person to see anything on my account. I don’t use fiverr where others can see what’s on my screen.


Nice one! It is that simple.


I always work in places where other people can see my screen, so I would really appreciate option to hide my balance. It is a simple change for developers, just like a choice in settings. :wink:


You could put a sticky note or tape something over the amount.


I know, but it looks weird. :smiley: I just scroll down a little all the time, but it’s annoying and could be solved easily.


Is that why you have a private forum profile? :thinking:


I think it is fine to have it.