Remove "Web & Mobile Design" from Graphic Category


Fiverr should remove “Web & Mobile Design” from Graphic Category cause many buyer don’t understand that this is a category for “Graphic Web & Mobile Design Template” not “Website & Mobile Design”… 3 days back i got an order from sending a Buyer request and thought that all He was wanting is a 5 Page Web Design since it was in " Web & Mobile Design" Graphic Category. But after accepting the order i found out that he wanted a “WordPress Website” from Web Design Category. He just selected the wrong category since it was saying “Web & Mobile Design” instead of “Graphic Web & Mobile Design Template” … its not his fault or nor mine, it just too confusing…

Fiverr should take a look at this category…there are lots of Buyer Request in this section but 70% of them ended ups as a Misunderstanding also resulting as a Cancellation (also Rating)