Removed a dating content


Hi. recently a buyer bought my gig . In description of my gig, I’ve written " no adult, gambling, dating article" . Then he want to see more sites, after that, he ordered me to post the dating article in this website . But in spite of seeing this, he/she give me the article, as I didn’t understand that was a article about dating. After publishing this dating article, 2/3 days later, admin deleted this post as this is a dating article. Because, most of the admin don’t support adult/gambling,dating types of content.

So, now the buyer threaten me to fix that, otherwise he’ll give a dispute. So, what can I do now?


How come you didn’t understand? Did you post without reading the content?

In this case, try to negotiate with the buyer. You should read the content provided by him/her before posting. Point your description to him. If it doesn’t work out, make a mutual cancellation (avoid cancellation at any cost). :confused:


That was android apps. But didn’t mentioned. It looks natural. :unamused:


Did the title of the article not give it away a bit? ‘A dating app for herpes singles’.

Agree with @n4y33m about reading the articles before publishing as you don’t have control of the blog on which they’re being published.

I would also go for a mutual cancellation - but the buyer would be entitled to ask CS for a cancellation.


Yes. I thought, that was simply an android app review. nothing else. :confused: