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Removed Ability to leave a message on a gig



Seriously, wow! If a gig goes very late now, you can’t actually message the buyer within the gig. You only get the option to cancel or not. This was removed today. This means I can no longer inform people if their gig is late, and they can no longer get in touch with me asking when it is going to be delivered. Which means more order cancellations. In the past I agreed with buyers if I could go ‘very late’ and delivered articles throughout the day, you can’t do that now. Which means I have to complete my ‘42 article’ orders in one push…

Needs changing.


it used to be here:

Having problems with this order or your buyer? Click Here or send the buyer a message.

Now it just has the first part, which is now throwing my order system into disarray as nobody can contact me either. It’s all through messages, and that is a lot of hassle as now there is no record really of me delivering articles over time.


There was actually no need to remove that feature at all.


Yes, that works :slight_smile: but I do need to message from within a gig :frowning: Messaging hasn’t been disabled on my part, got in touch with support about it. They forwarded my suggestion on.


Issue sorted, my feedback was accepted and now it is back to the way it was before!