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Removed Background service SPAM

*************** suggests price for our providing service varies from its excellence as well as complexity also including on the service what you want how complicated the photographs are. yet,we as well tried to give you just a pricing idea of clipping path service all the way through various complexity level models in the photograph,where it speak outs that the price starts from $*** only each one and up to $*** only. But don’t instruct on these prices because it may vary for your images as different product has different facts on to it.

I have no idea what you wrote. Your English is atrocious.

In addition, you are spamming non-Fiverr links on the forums. This is against the rules of Fiverr.

Sounds like an online translator was used.

OP you’re not going to get far anywhere online if you continue spamming your sites and services.

Hey, at least he knows his service “varies from its excellence”.