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Today i noticed from every gig Fiverr removed their special feature “FIVERR CHOICE”. Is it still exist on your side? Or only happens for me?

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Do you mean Featured?

No, there had a feature like as “Featured”. It’s called “FIVERR’S CHOICE”.Screenshot_31

Hmmm what was Fiverr Choice? Maybe it was a thing when I wasn’t around?

I never noticed it before, but then I do not cruise the gigs.

So what exactly was it? What did it offer? I’m just curious.

Fiverr is always testing new ways to get buyers interested in spending more.

All those things change regularly. Some of their tests work well and they do more, often you’ll see something like that for X weeks/months, then it goes away.

Not worth stressing over… Work on improving your gig, your ability to deliver quality to clients, and keep improving. Not worth investing time on stuff you can’t control.

Assume if that goes away, something else will pop up occasionally. Life in the Fiverr world.