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Removed from Search, what should I do?

My gigs are removed from search, what should I do next?

did u copy other peoples gigs

this is 1 reason they will remove u from search contact support and then get back here let us know

I contact them and they said cause I had denied gig. Also ‘feel free to add new gigs’

Is it a good idea to delete and recreate a gig that is not showing up in search, despite an ‘active’ gig status ?

This issue is a concern at this point, when it has happened to not only one gig but six gigs. All have an active status but are not listed in a search at all.

kraashy, you have 5 gigs all offering the same service: promo videos. Was the denied gig also offering promo videos?

Reply to @catwriter: Yes! iPhone promo video!

Reply to @kjblynx:

Well, everythings was okay till when my gig got denied… Completely all my gigs are removed from search, I think that’s unfair. Also 2 of my gigs that wre denied other people post it and they got promoted…

Reply to @kraashy: Fiverr looks unfavorably on duplicate gigs, and you have 5 offering essentially the same service. They don’t have enough staff to look into each new gig as soon as it is created, but sooner or later sellers with duplicate gigs run into problems.

Reply to @catwriter: is that also true for sellers of PLR products? For example I have several gigs selling PLR but each is dedicated to a completely different niche, with different pictures. The description is the same because I explain what PLR are and their general uses, so I have that the same for each gig BUT what’s unique is the sub-topics for every PLR niche, I always list that in the description. So, I don’t know if that is the reason why my later gigs aren’t showing up in search (only my first two)

I created a new gig just yesterday, and today already it’s removed from the search! Yesterday it was showing in the ‘New’ section of uploaded gigs. Today nowhere to be found! I’m getting really tired of this. My gigs are not the same, and do not offer the same products in this case.

I don’t know what to do.

Reply to @gravitygeek: I don’t know. It’s obvious from your gig titles that the articles you’re sending are for different niches.

Have you tried contacting Customer Support and asking them what might be the problem?

Reply to @catwriter: Yes, but they haven’t replied yet.

There is a difference between removed, and not in current rotation…I’m not getting in on the conversation too deep, just some input…

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