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Removed levels!


No negative reviews, just cause I don’t wanna work for some guy my levels are removed :frowning:

This really suck!

I am so disappointed in fiverr admins :frowning:


Hey dont be disappointed. What about your cancellation rate? is there a reason not to work with this Buyer? I am asking as levels are automatic process and fiverr have nothing with it. Please remove this post. sorry for dubbling.


Hey dont be disappointed. What about your cancellation rate? is there a reason not to work with this Buyer? I am asking as levels are automatic process and fiverr have nothing with it. Please remove this post. sorry for dubbling.


What do I do when someone order’s a gig but doesn’t tell me what they want me to do first? If I am not able to do what they ask of me, I have to cancel. In my description is does say to email me first, but many buyers order the gig first without messaging.


fiverr will always tell you to wait for buyer’s instruction. If you don’t have the buyer’s instruction and you deliver,they might tell you thay are not satisfy with your gig which may give you negative feedback.


Reply to @milos357: If they never submitted the initial information, then the order does not activate, your deadline timer does not start to count down, and you have no obligation to do anything until they do submit the information to you.

If they do not submit any information within 24 hours, I usually send them a quick message to remind them I need them to submit the initial required information before I can get started on their order. Then, after a few more days, if they still haven’t submitted anything, I send one more reminder message. Then, if they STILL do not respond after about a week or two, I request a mutual cancellation.

If they have submitted the initial information, but you need MORE, then you need to try to communicate until they send you the information you need. After a while, if they are non-responsive or refuse to send you the information you need, you request a mutual cancellation.

You can also contact customer support for help.

Cancellations effect your levels. If you have a certain amount of cancellations compared to completed orders, you may lose a level. No matter who was at fault for the cancellation. This is just how the Fiverr system works.


I never deliver unfinished work, and don’t have negative reviews.

milos357 said: I never deliver unfinished work, and don't have negative reviews.

You need to do a mutual cancellation and not a forced cancellation. Forced cancellations effect your ratings and that may been why your level was removed. Instead, do a mutual cancellation which does not affect your levels if you do not do it too much.



unfortunately all kind of cancellations affect levels status so if you have too many thats the reason for your level removal. You will have to continue the best of your services and you will gain it again…i hope.


Guys this is what I think he means. I for instance offer flyer distribution ,someone ordered my gig and asked me to do something completely different - nothing related to flyers, this involved using my school email address , youtube advertising etc etc I couldn’t believe all that he was demanding.

I told him I couldn’t do all that so I requested mutual cancellation , he refused and I kept requesting it - until I did a forced cancellation I think

Some buyers are just something else


Reply to @empowerim: When a buyer is being difficult, you request a mutual cancellation, and they just continue to refuse it, then all you have to do is contact support and have them cancel it for you. You do not need to force cancellation, negatively effecting your rating.


I always do mutual cancelation, but again I lost all levels, I still can’t believe :frowning: If they remove just one level ok I can accept that, but removing all levels that’s S U C KK.

Now I am like just creatd new profile all from the beginning…:frowning:


As mentioned earlier in this thread ALL cancellations effect levels, when there is a certain imbalance in the ratio. A mutual will not hurt your rating but get too many of these in a short period of time or the percentage stacks up you could find your eligibility of levels affected. The trigger ratio is unpublished but you can work out your cancel rate by taking the number of cancellations diving it by the number of completed orders and multiplying by 100 example

25 / 463 x 100 = 5.39%


i have enough proofs to think that any cancellation rate 45 or more percent will be a problem for your level status. You will have to work hard to reduce this amount.


It will be much much lower than 45 % just based on the percentage of what others have reported a demotion it’s all speculative as no one but the admin team know the trigger point but based on a few assumptions and data from others it’s closer to 25% not sure what the tipping point would be for TRS sellers as that’s a manual promotion and would assume that the demotion would be manual but I for one don’t know that information