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Reply to @dtongsports: You’ve been here much longer than I have - to be honest I didn’t know Fiverr existed in 2011! - and your sales obviously dwarf mine. You seem particularly aggravated about this newest design. Here’s a question: is this the first time a site change has had a direct impact on your sales, as far as you can tell?

I’m asking because it seems like every time there is any change (big or small) the forum gets flooded with sellers saying it’s ruined their sales. Is this time worse across the board, for everyone (again, as far as you can tell), or have you just been spared previously?


3 days ago, 4 orders w/ a ‘1 day delivery’ extra purchase. Since new design… ZERO!


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Please bring back “order queue” Why on earth would you take that away???

dtongsports said: New buyers won't be blown away and impressed, they will be disturbed and leave.
I think the overall visual impression of the site of pretty much the same as it was. I don't think new buyers will be screaming in horror and running away. That's actually my problem with the re-design. The time and money should have been spent on improving the functionality of the site.


Reply to @dtongsports: Well I’m hoping is just a random coincidence. I went and re-edited my gigs and got my formatting back, so at least the parts I can control look better again. Funny thing was they looked fine in the edit window. But re-doing them made them work again.


Reply to @orcatek: I’ve noticed the same thing. Killing it the past few days, then as soon as the new design comes up, DRRRROOOOOP!! There is nothing about the new design that screams…WOW! It’s actually worse and a lot less effective in at least a dozen ways. It looks like a 5th grader designed it. New buyers won’t be blown away and impressed, they will be disturbed and leave.


I was wondering what happened to my sales. Now I have an idea. Old pages I was having trouble keeping up. New pages, sales fell off the earth. Literally syncs with these new page designs.


i don’t even know what other design they’ll come up with… 2 days ago it was a new design , today i see the old one back.


The profile page doesn’t show your World Domination anymore, and it’s not accurate on ‘recent delivered’ either. It’s showing that our email is verified and our google is verified, who gives a rip??! I’d rather have my gigs higher up on the page so buyers don’t have to scroll through nonsense to see the offers. It also doesn’t show your delivery stats, which is important for potential buyers to know that your are working and that you deliver daily. Gig pages are terribly designed IMO, so basic, plain, and sooo much empty space. Maybe they’ll start using it for ad space, which is what I think. Remember, Fiverr hasn’t even hit the stock exchange yet people, that day will come. I’m with Fiverr to the end, but will always express my views honestly of any changes/implementations. It’s my right as a seller and more people should express their concerns as Fiverr gets your 20%, make your voice count.