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Removing 1 star raiting feedback


So what happen if i request to remove the 1 star feedback??


If you request CS to remove it they will never do so according to the new policy. It’s only your buyer who can.modify his/her review so try to convince him/her to change the rating.
Good luck


I see
Thanks alot


You are welcome… :blush:


I think you are able to to remove it and you shouldnt force buyer to modify it this is against fiverr Terms of service


you saying is i can?

  1. You don’t have any 1 star reviews.
  2. You can request that a feedback be changed by using the resolution centre on the order page.
  3. A buyer is entitled to leave whatever feedback they feel is appropriate.


yes i have 1 star
and i don’t want that 1 star on my gig


I’ve looked, and still can’t see a 1 star review - is it very recent?

If the review left was justifiable, then it can stay - in exceptional circumstance, CS may be able to help.


yeah will try


I have said you cant change it


You can ask for feedback to be changed:

Request Feedback Revision: We don’t recommend this option as we take the buyer’s opinion seriously. However, we do allow you to contact the buyer through the Resolution Center and request feedback revision.