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Removing a delivery from Gallery?

So oftentimes, buyers will click “Complete order” having just received a sketch. This messes up my gallery and makes it look like I don’t deliver my work fully. Is there any way to remove the art from my gallery?


Yes, what you don’t want to be shown, you deliver it zipped.

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Either present it to them archived or simply send it over attached to a message.

From my experience actually using the delivery function for every new update does not work effectively. I only use the delivery option to deliver the final files.


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Cheers for that! I use the delivery feature a lot because of its built in watermark feature. All of my stuff is art based so I prefer not sending them something in Chat and then risk them taking it somewhere else to get inked/coloured but maybe I’ll just start putting my own watermark on it.

From my experience, if you encounter a dishonest buyer, thy will find a way to cancel the order no matter what and take your design to a $5 designer to recreate. The watermark might give you some piece of mind but unfortunately in the real world it does not work as intended. I’ve found users stealing my logo designs which were watermarked from the start and was only left with the option of an international law suite which very few sellers will actually do.