Removing a review


Hi guys,
a question…

is that possible to change or remove a feedback that I gave to someone’s review?

Adrian Music


Why would you want to change your review? It sounds fine to me.

Anywho, I believe sellers can change review up to 3 days after posting. Try going to your transaction page and see if there is a modify review.

Your buyer can only change his review, if you give him permission, but you should be able to change yours.


Hello, in addition to what Gina Riley said, you can write to customer support with the order number, and they may be able to allow you to change your review.


a buyer ordered something and after lots of changes he said that is perfect and deliver it to me.after delivery he disappeared and days after that he showed up and without contacting me gave me a bad review. so I got angry and gave him a bad review too. but now I think it’s not a good thing to answer a bad thing with a bad thing so…

Thank you for the info!


can the buyer change his review with my permission? how?


If the buyer contacts customer support the MIGHT be able to.


True…Thank you miss!


first you should try to convince your buyer to change the review and then you send you the review modification request. buyer accept and easily change the review.


thanks! how can I send it to him?


Please, use the resolution centre, and select the option, and send the modification request. Please note that this option is only available once. I’ll advise you to contact your buyer first and let him know before sending him/her a modification request. If he/she happens to reject the modification request, then even CS would be unable to assist you further. If you contact CS to modify the review, they’ll give you the same procedure which I’ve just stated above.

Good luck with your business.


where is this Resolution center?


Go to the order page. By the right top, you’ll see the resolution centre.


4 Star is not bad :wink: But You can use resolution center if buyer wants to change their review


when I took more effort as what I got paid and the costumer was 100% satisfied and then gives you 4stars it’s unfair…


You are right but buyer think 4 star is good so ask buyer if he/she wants to change their review
Good luck


I’m afraid I can’t see such a thing there…


Unfortunately, some buyers believe a seller cannot be 100% perfect. I had a buyer who ordered my gig a couple of months ago, and was extremely pleased with the quality of work I delivered but left a 4.4 stars. When I sent him a message to know what happened. His reply was simple, ‘I believe no one is perfect’. Don’t force it, let it go. Get more FIVE stars reviews to cover up.


Captureon top right corner of your order page


the thing is that he is offline after that time…I checked the registration date it was before making the order… it’s a bit fishy


There is no way unless buyer wants to change this.Buyer need to accept your request to change review