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Removing an attachment

I’ve been going over and over this. How do I remove an attachment I sent to a seller in error. I selected the wrong file. When I noticed this, I hit cancel, and selected the correct file; however, because the first file was a long file when I thought it was cancelled, it had not, it kept loading. So, when I hit send, I sent the wrong file and the correct file. I want to delete the first file, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful, any thoughts on the matter?



You can send the correct file again and tell your seller that this is the correct file.


once the file is sent to the client you cant remove the attachment. Send your correct file again and tell him here is the final file. you cant remove wrong file now.

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And you think that’s right… Why? Everyone can make a mistake on the computer, it was a mistake. This is not an email, this is a gig I bought. I should be able to control what I put up there, holding on to it and denying access to it is wrong. It has nothing to do with the seller, but everything to do with Fiverr. Please don’t reply to this. I had enough help from you.

Nobody’s saying it’s right or wrong - it’s just how Fiverr works.

Users were genuinely trying to help you - I’m sure a simple ‘thank you’ would have been appreciated. :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

Added - replies here aren’t from Fiverr staff - it’s a forum of buyers and sellers just like you.


i am just helping you out to tell you how fiverr works. if you have issues you can contact customer support.
Behave like a professional not like kids.

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I really dislike uploaded files and finished gigs cannot be deleted. It is if they want to take ownership.