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Removing attached files before sending the message

Hi everybody,

I am actually quite new to the forum and see that it’s quite helpful
I am not sure if anybody else noticed this bug but my work involves attaching multiple files with a message quite often.

If for some reason a wrong file is selected and attached, there is a button to delete that attachment (any others as well) but that button doesn’t always work so it requires the page to be reloaded and all the attachments are then removed. This is really a pain when you are attaching multiple large files

I am not sure if this is only me or somebody else is experiencing the same issue as well

I click on it multiple times to remove the files. It’s always been like this for me.

That doesn’t work for me for some reason, as I definitely have tried clicking it multiple times… Does the size of attachment matter in this case? Like have you had this same problem while attaching large files?

I am not sure about it since I didn’t pay attention to it and file size didn’t exceed 80 MB.

Still, this bug occurs. I always reload the page when i unintentionally upload a wrong file.

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