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Removing bad reviews


Got my first one star review by a customer who did not communicate with me at all, do these people think I can read minds, i give multiple revisions but they never asked for one and I done the order exactly how I was supposed to but the only thing i didnt realise was the audio was low on the video which i could have fixed easily and quickly, instead they took a fit and left a one star review do you think fiverr will remove it for me because it is completely unnecessary and now it will effect my status for making a small mistake which could have been easily fixed right away.


No they won’t remove that. That’s considered honest buyer feedback.


Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about it.
Just move on.


yeah its just very annoying when I done nothing wrong at least 3 stars would have been fine but one star for making a slight error which could have been fixed right away. we’ll always get that one difficult buyer.


Got my own 1-star recently.
Marketing consultation for a start-up where the buyer would not do anything necessary - like speak to their accountant or suppliers - but wanted to proceed with more from me and I told them that I couldn’t without the info I required…
Hasn’t made any difference to orders and no buyer has mentioned it.
If I were you, I would make the revision you mentioned and send it to them with an apology. You never know how it might go from there.


True. Buyers should consider separating the 5 stars into a few categories and rating it accordingly in the “service as described rating”


It will not affect your sales much.
While you have a high quality of work


I messaged them saying I will happily complete the revision now for you you but they just replied with no.

Not much I can do!


This is why you need to psychologically profile your buyers.

Once you have been here a while, you will know which people from which countries never to work with or if you do, you should expect problems. You will be able to tell who is a scammer, who is upset about their weight, which of your buyers are short, libido frustrated men in their early 40’s (the kind you have here), and which buyers you should avoid for the simple moral reason that they are clearly in the process of having a mental breakdown and are pinning all their hopes for the future on the zero calorie paper marshmallow business which they want you to help them build.

Forget about the review. Simply embrace your inner psychoanalyst and ist move on.


Don’t worry about it. You can leave a response to the unfair feedback. If someone reads the feedback, they also see your defense. So if you tell in your review that you did offer revisions but the buyer ignored you, everyone will see how stupid the buyer is, and will ignore their review completely. :slight_smile:


Now that make’s sense. Thank you for that tip :wink:


I saw you have 5-6 one star review


I think it is clear to everyone who looks at the OP’s profile that she is a fantastic seller with incredible talent. Moreover, her 570+ 5-star reviews kind of negate the few from people whom it has obviously been impossible to fully please.

Fiverr is crazy as it is without people expecting every seller to have nothing but 5-star reviews across the board.


You can’t let your guard down for a second. I got my first one star review from someone I knew was not right in the head but since it had been months since her previous order, didn’t bother to check my previous notes on her. If I had done that I would have cancelled her order.


I like how you keep notes on your patients/buyers. That’s an entirely new level of professional paranoia. Sadly, though, it’s one which I do see the necessity of myself.


dont worry at all… you should leave bad reveiw so that other see that about him too. :slight_smile:


I only do it when I see that someone is dangerously ill so it’s rare but this one time when I should have checked the notes I didn’t.


My first and only buyer was a little tensing. He made me do 4 major revisions at no extra cost. However, he was fully satisfied with the final output and also gave me an additional day to revise the order. Plus he gave a good rating as well. A very descriptive one for a new sellers first order.


I love this subject.
Review will help the users or buyers to get reverence before your service order