Removing buyer requests from sent offers



Can someone please help me how to remove buyer requests from the “sent offers” section? One of the buyer requests was kind enough to let me know that he doesn’t require my service, but the request is still there in sent offers.

Can someone please tell me how to remove the buyer request from sent offers? please… :confused:


I don’t think you can remove them, but if anyone else knows differently…


Oh no… :confused:

You mean they’ll keep piling up? Please help someone… :disappointed:


I don’t think it’ll give you any problems - they just sit there as far as I know.


It will not be a problem to you, if you mistakenly sent a buyer request.


Once you have responded to a Buyers Request, even if done incorrectly or if the buyer has already chosen another seller, you cannot remove that response from your daily allotment of 10.

Whenever I respond to Buyers Requests, I try to do so as soon as possible after one is posted. The longer a Buyers Request is listed, the greater the chance the buyer has already chosen a seller to serve their needs.

Mod Note: This is an often-discussed issue. There are many suggestions about it in the forum, and staff is aware of the Buyer Request problem but it’s not entirely resolved as of today’s date. Feel free to discuss in an active thread such as the one below or contact Fiverr staff directly:

:bulb: To contact Fiverr directly, please contact Customer Support.