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Removing buyer requests



Recently i ve sent an offer to one specific buyer, 5 minutes later i did the worst and accidentally removed the buyer request :blush:
Since i ve sent the offer to the person but deleted the request, will they still be able to see my offer?



Yes! When you click “remove request”, it just means that the request is removed from the list you see when logged into your account. The recipient will receive the request like they would any other.

If you are on your desktop, open the “Sent Offers” link on the Buyer Requests page and you’ll see all the Buyer Requests you’ve responded to. It’s pretty interesting to review old offers, especially the ones that the buyers accept, because you can analyze why that particular offer was accepted. Then you can replicate those winning tactics in new offers you send. I wish Fiverr had a chart or something to make it easier to identify those trends.


Thank you so muchhhhhh


Thaks for your post. It is very helpful for us.


Yeah ,
You spoke my mind!!
I also wish there is a way to see the message I sent to win the order


You’re very welcome and have fun with it!


Yes, that is handy to review what you did and figure out what about it drove the buyer to accept your offer. I just do it manually by going through my Sent Requests to find it and then review it, but it would certainly be handy if Fiverr had analytics for Buyer Requests!


You’re very welcome!


you can help me how can improve my buyer request?


These things tend to lead to buyers accepting my offers for their requests:

  1. I prove my credibility and demonstrate the value of what I offer.
  2. I demonstrate why and how my offer is a solution to their problem and what sets me apart from the competition. Don’t say things like you are a hard worker and do a good job. That isn’t proof you are skilled or the right fit.
  3. My English is perfect. You really should improve yours.
  4. I offer a discount and/or free extras.