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Removing Credit Card

Hi everyone! I was wondering how to remove your credit card on this site. I believe my credit card information is still stored, and I would like to remove it. For the life of me I can’t seem to find it. Thanks so much!

Any ideas? I’ve only made two purchases here on Fiverr, and I was surprised when I bought the second gig that my credit card information was still stored. I would really like to remove this. Thanks for any help.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I just figured it out. You have to place another order, and you can remove your card at the checkout page. It was stored through Fiverr and not PayPal. I wish they would make this more accessible. Oh well, I figured it out. Thanks for the reply!

how did you remove your card? it is so frustrating. every time i go to check out cart and place order it appears as though my card will be charged. thanks