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I am having a bad experience with this seller. I gave a positive feedback but after some days, the seller started ignoring my messages. I am now thinking this is a scam. Unfortunately, I gave a positive feedback. I want my feedback removed. I don’t want to misled people and encourage to buy from these kinds of sellers. I wish fiverr will improve the feedback system. Give the buyers an extended time to edit review. I hope someone can help me how to remove the feedback I gave to this seller.


First of all there is no way to change your feedback anymore.

Quick question: why you were contacting seller after the order was completed?


Order done, review left, transaction completed. Anything that happens after should not affect the positive feedback you left prior.


Because the gig is not done yet.


Hi @onyxwitch09,
when the gig is not done yet why you accepted the delivery and moreover put positive feedback? I’m not sure but if the seller is in vacation you may wait.

For better experience you may choose reputed sellers.

Good luck!


and who’s fault is it ?


Then I don’t understand it.
After the feedback left that means that the order is completed and you are happy with your delivery.

Everything after that it’s completely sellers choice to provide you more services/changes etc.

Can you please explain the situation better? What was the gig? Why did you approve your order? And what revisions are you asking right now?


Are you already accepted the delivery? If so, Please don’t make any blame on the seller. You have to accept a delivery after you get what you expected. If you’ve accept the order before getting what you expected, I don’t see any wrong with the seller because it is your responsibility not to accept the delivery until you receive what you asked.


Thank you for answering my question. This is what I need.

I guess some sellers here are scared of my suggestion of improving the feedback system and extend the time where buyers can leave a review. No need to attack a buyer suggesting for improvement unless you guys are scared. Yes, I made a mistake of leaving a feedback right away but I stand by what I said that the feedback system must be improved.


In the previous feedback system, feedback could be modified and manipulated. Fiverr removed it (be it for good or bad). I don’t think anymore changes need to be suggested. It’s bad enough that a blind review system is in place for selling services.

I think the problem more rest on your approving and giving feedback before the order was complete. An order should never be delivered until it is complete. What your seller did was an incomplete delivery and violated the TOS. You were complicit in this act when you approved the delivery and provided feedback.

Never accept a delivery until the order is complete. And, if a seller does this, don’t accept it. Request a modification. Chalk this up to a learning experience and move on. What’s done is done.


Unfortunately this is a new improved version of feedback system.

In the past it was manipulated many times with buyers getting their final files and after that blackmailing seller that they will change their feedback if seller wouldnt provide more work for free.

So most likely it wouldn’t be improved.

I see that you also decided to ignore my questions which might’ve helped us to give you better advice on how to approach this situation and what you can do. But apparently this is not so important for you.


It’s against Fiverr TOS to deliver not completed work. If you accepted it by mistake or by force of the seller you may contact the Support Team. If it will be found that the seller didn’t complete his work before delivery the order will be canceled.
But if the order was completed, you accepted it and don’t like to work with the seller anymore than please look for another seller.


How much time you tried to contact the seller, it’s 1 or 2 or almost 3 days? Look, first of all, it’s an international marketplace, there are no specific working hours for all sellers, it’s mostly depend on seller time zone. And if you already ordered the seller and almost work done, so there are no doubt the seller is professional,maybe it seller’s technical or personal issue. So you should keep patience to contact the seller. “The marketplace is the model of secure project done in the whole world”


Review system will be changed, just be patient.


Why would they change the review system again when they just did a major overhaul on the entire review system? They did it to make sure that both sides gave feedback on their experiences regardless of what the other user said. (This may not have worked, but that was the idea.) They also changed policies so that reviews are ever changed and almost never removed. I doubt they would change the system all over again, though I could be wrong.


Buyers have 10 days to leave a review=feedback for the seller, personally, I think 10 days are more than enough.

Could it be that you are referring to the 3 days time before auto-completion of the order?
That’s just the time you have until you need to either accept the delivery or ask for a modification/revision or the order gets auto-completed (auto-completion is necessary because some buyers simply order something and never show up again, and then the sellers would never get the money for the work they did).

So, even if you miss those 3 days in which you can ask for modification/revision and the order gets auto-completed, you still have 10 days to leave your public (and private) feedback.
You don’t need to do the accepting/completing and leaving feedback bit in one go. Most buyers do check and review right away but you don’t have to, you can accept a delivery, check it to your heart’s content and still post a review/feedback on that order for up to 10 days if you’re not sure it’s all good right after you receive and accept the delivery.


They will change it. I can’t say much, give it time.


Many try to ask to work for free after the end of the order and positive feedback, write to customer support and cancel orders.




Perhaps it isn’t having the effect they wanted. They probably have stats where they can see how it has affected orders/income. Maybe if they think that the change has had a bad affect on orders/income etc. they’ll change it.