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Removing Files from Seller's Profile Picture

I noticed that the gigs seller did from me is showing in his profile page (as in their gig’s promotion page) as one of the slide. Have asked them to remove but was told this need to done by Fiverr.

As we want P&C on our gigs, please advise what other methods can our files be removed from seller’s profile page? Thanks


This forum post may be of help:



Thanks. I have submitted a request to Fiverr requesting them to remove. I tried to do it myself from the seller’s profile but cannot find it.

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A seller is able to include only first three images to demonstrate an example of their works. All the images that follow after - can be added by the customers upon the completion of the order, when they leave a review. Basically you are asked to leave a review (by Fiverr system) and there’s an option to add your product to the seller’s page.

If such is a case, contacting SC is a grand way.

However, if the seller added your work to any of the first three images, it’s where the situation gets tricky. You need to make sure that you do own copyright/ownership of the said product. It’s usually written somewhere in the seller’s description about IP and owning it.

Good luck!

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Also attached a screenshot. that contains the buyer’s request to remove it.

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Thanks. Problem is I have left the review and seller has set the order as delivered. Are there any ways to remove my files from the profile now? Or have to go through Fievrr support?

This is what is called Live Portfolio and on Delivery you gave permission for this work to show. You have to untick that box if you don’t want it visible. Chasing the seller is fruitless as they cannot control that.

Honestly, how big of an issue is this really? How many people will be trolling random Fiverr Sellers in search of your company fripperies? I am assuming close enough to 0 to be confident that even people who see it will not know or care what it is.

Besides Portfolio is very important for sellers. Depriving a seller of portfolio is a serous thing as a lack of visible recent work makes it harder for that seller to get more work. This is why real ghost work is well paid so that the creator a) doesn’t talk and b) can live between pay checks.



@benedictrm has given a great answer.

I just want to add that your seller has done nothing wrong. Fiverr has designed the Live Portfolio to work this way and, as has been pointed out, you had the option to prevent your work from appearing in their portfolio.

As a seller myself, I’ve had a few buyers request their work be removed from my portfolio. But buyers don’t seem to understand that unless we switch off our entire portfolio, there is no way for us to individually remove items. And when we politely tell buyers that they have to approach customer support, then the assumption is that we are just being lazy. That’s not the case!