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Removing image from portfolio


I did a custom gig recently.

For some reason one of the illustrations automatically added to my portfolio. Is it possible to remove it? I want to keep the review though.



No, you cannot remove the portfolio image sample once added by the buyer. you can prevent this in the future by sending RAR, ZIP files. Or tell your buyer to uncheck the portfolio image sample when reviewing. :relieved:


Thanks for replying
I was gonig to update my post. To delete the image you just contact customer support. They did it within an hour. :slight_smile:


Thanks! great to hear that. very useful information


U should be more concerned next time.
as its a good feature on fiverr

Don’t understand your comment, sorry

yes, I always let my buyer write the review with portfolio image sample.

I kept the review.

But the drawing I did was a custom drawing in colour and my gig offers only black and white which are hand drawn on watercolour paper . It may confuse buyers who may expect a colour drawing for the price of the black and white.

I’m going to create another gig for colour drawings.

Thanks for the advise :slight_smile:

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What you want to remove thats an amazing feature of fiverr

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I don’t want to remove the feature … just the one image


I want to change primary picture of my gig, but I can not remove the existing pictures from the gallery. How to contact the customer help service?

For That you need delete all of three picture and then again upload by what you need to show primary ,that will be first.
Thank you :heart:

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As I mentioned, the problem is actually that I can not delete the old images in the gallery. I press the delete button but it doesn’t respond. Refreshed and tried several times, doesn’t work. :frowning:

You can email them at, but please keep in mind that it may take some time until they are able to respond, due to numerous inquiries.

Sure, and thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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You can Add Custom Drawing Color Offer In EXTRAS , Buyers can understand than, Not a Problem :blush:

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