Removing individual pieces from live portfolio?


I think it’s Murphy’s Law that my best videos rarely get added to my live portfolio and my worst ones almost always do. It’s not that big of a deal because I still usually get a relatively decent mix. However I have an issue with one of the items in my portfolio. I agreed to do a video testimonial gig that had a script that goes against some of my personal beliefs. I accepted after talking to the buyer for a long time and coming to the understanding that this was an actor’s role in a bigger project that ultimately supported my beliefs. Looking at it in my live portfolio with no context however, it presents a different image and not one that I want. Playing the part of angry white woman #5 and actually being perceived as angry white woman #5 are totally different things. Sorry for the long back story lol, someone please help me. I’ve only been on Fiverr since September and I’m still learning a lot.


You can have this removed if you get your buyers permission.

If your buyer gives his/her ok, you can contact customer support and they will remove it for you.

Good luck :slight_smile:


thank you SO much! I’ve been trying to figure this out for so long lol


Darn it, it sucks that we need to get the buyers permission to remove it from OUR portfolio. I have some stuff that I delivered (videos) of how a buyer should edit his website, and this got added to my portfolio.


@vigasan You can keep your live portfolio off if you don’t want the videos added to it.


I like the live portfolio, I just wish there was a way to pick and choose what gets added to it


Right, I know that but I want to show the images I delivered, just not that one particular item. There should be an option on delivery of whether you want to include it in your portfolio or not. It definitely shouldn’t be an all or nothing thing.


@roxxired @vigasan When delivering, you can choose to turn live portfolio off for that particular delivery. At least I think that there’s the option to do it. Or, turn live portfolio off, deliver, then turn it back on again.


I feel you. Every time i deliver something that I’m not proud of (you know, that one picture with a horrible motive, which you advised against, but the buyer insisted, and maybe they even asked for a revision to make it even uglier) it feels like all I can do is to pray for the buyer to not show the picture.
I don’t know anything about videomaking, but maybe it can be somewhat helpful to know what I usually do:
Sometimes I have the opportunity to deliver many pictures. If the buyer ordered a bunch, then of course I’m going to choose to show the least ugly one. But Sometimes they only order one, but I still deliver several. Maybe I do some changes to it, add a nicer background, add or take something out that might make the picture a little better. Then I deliver it with the explanation “I wasn’t completely sure what would look better, so here you have several versions so that you can choose for yourself!” It might be a little extra work, but the buyer thinks you over-delivered and gets really happy(well, if you’re lucky. Maybe they just want another revision…) and I get to show something that isn’t quite as awful as what the buyer asked for.
Another alternative is of course just to ask them not to show it. Although, depending on your reason why, they might just show it in protest.

I had a buyer for whom I simply added text to his pre-existing logo. He asked for the ugliest font in the ugliest color, and I just didn’t manage to change his mind about how awful it looked. So of course I delivered what he wanted, and luckily I had the best reason to ask him not to show it. I din’t make that logo! Just the text! But what do yo think happened? It was shown anyway! I had to write back and forth with customer support for days before finally having it removed.
Worst thing was: the same thing happened again! Same buyer, same logo, just a slightly different but equally ugly text to be made. Again I asked him not to show it. He apparently didn’t understand how that worked. I had to go through the whole thing with CS once again. Even the part where I had to get the buyers permission to take it away.
The third time that buyer ordered the exact same thing, I simply delivered a completely different picture together with the other. One that was rightfully mine and that I was happy about showing.

Oh my, that was one long message. I’m sorry. I got really caught up in old offences.