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Removing my own review


Hi Experts,

I have a big issue that is affecting my career here.
I delivered an order to a customer and he gave me a wrong review by mistake.I got upset and replied to this review not very good. he got online and changed his review but my bad answer is still there so his review and my reply don’t match together and after that, my customer requests dropped very significantly. any idea how I can remove it? since it’s more than 3 days so there is no chance to modify it.

Kind Regards


Fast communication and was happy with the end result. Will work with again !

Seller’s Feedback
+5 extra revisions due to the taste of the private messages, he said that the result is Perfect and now I got 4stars from him…very unfair! but anyways…the experience was fun and I’m happy that he was very satisfied with the delivery even if he ruined my rating records.

You can ask customer support to remove your review. It does look bad.

You might be able to edit it yourself if you try. They can be edited for a few days after you leave the review.


what does that supposed to mean?


I made a mistake, my argument was invalid as you are a new seller. I thought that you were well-established seller, therefore, ignore it. :slight_smile:

I loved your gigs, they are awesome. :slight_smile:


Thanks man! I appreciate it.