Removing old buyer Requests


I have tried clearing all the buyer request as I want it clean.
But some old dated buyer requests appear daily.
Contacted support they asked me to try using other browsers etc.
Nothing worked.


Have you tried another machine?
At the house of a neighbor?
While they aren’t home?
Because you inadvertently over heard them discussing a well-planned trip to their in-laws?
And Mr Johnson was all, “Shelia, I’m not being shacked up in that muggy old dungeon of a den, crawling around at midnight, walking lightly to just find a toilet- all because your mother sleeps more restlessly than an atheist at a Jim Jones lock-in.”

And Mrs. Johnson was all, “Robert, we don’t have the money for a hotel.”

And Mr. Johnson was all like, “So now my job isn’t good enough Shelia? I don’t provide for you? I’m sorry, how many pies have you missed this summer? You ought to tell your thighs.”

And Mrs. Johnson was all saying, “Oh that’s mature Robert, very mature. Not that you would know what my thighs look like, what with your solemn vow of romance that you’ve sworn to our television for the last ten years.”

And Mr. Johnson was like, “Well Shelia, the TV doesn’t remind me how much I hate my life and never sags when it doesn’t exercise.”

And then they went inside and continued their ten year conversation while you devised a plan to use their browser while they weren’t home?

Then you’re not trying hard enough.


:smiley: ha ha ha.

I think next suggestion from the support can be something exactly like this.


:joy: :rofl: :laughing: :sweat_smile: :sunglasses:


This should just be default text used in pretty much any forum reply!